Home Inspection Reports

It’s not a clipboard job!! We go beyond checklists and cryptic codes to tell you the full story about each inspected home.

Prospective clients phone us every day to check pricing for performing their home inspection. Of course we give approximate pricing over the phone, but it’s sometimes difficult to convey our level of dedication to doing the most thorough job possible.

It’s difficult to communicate over the phone that every single one of our inspections is carried out by a civil engineering technology or architectural technology graduate who is also a registered home inspector.

It’s also difficult to convey over the phone just how detailed and easy-to-read our home inspection reports are. We do not believe in check marks. Anyone can check off boxes on a report checklist that was created by someone else. All of our reports are custom-typed, right on site or nearby, so buyers receive a report right away that includes a comprehensive assessment of every part of the house, and clear identification of all observable problems and deficiencies.

Our clear, powerful, photo-driven plain-language reports that provide the key information specific to your home. Not a bunch of generic information. We feel this is important because what good is an inspection report if you can’t understand what it says?

So when pricing your home inspection, please be sure to compare ‘apples to apples’. We take great pride in producing what we feel are the most comprehensive reports in the industry, and they’re written by the most educated inspectors in the industry.


Client Testimonials

"I recently used Safe Homes Canada (Andy) for a Tarion One-Year Warranty submission. 

Andy was energetic, knowledgable, and professional. I especially appreciate that he welcomed me to accompany him for the entire inspection, providing insight to the items he was checking and anecdotes from his experience. I feel like I have a very good sense of what is good in my new home, what areas require the builders attention and support, and which areas I should monitor for maintenance! 

Not only does Andy provide a detailed report with pictures, but he provides assurance that he is available to support should the builder dispute any of his findings or if any issues arise. While I thankfully have not needed to take him up on this offer, I feel assured by his offer! "
"We have had five home inspections done over the course of our home-ownership history, and our last three home inspections were done by Andrew Christie.  In November 2016, we had our third home inspection experience with Andrew Christie, and once again he did not disappoint.  Andrew's exemplary forthrightness, professionalism, attention to detail and integrity are unparalleled.  I strongly encourage you to accompany Andrew as he completes your home inspection as it is a pleasurable and invaluable learning experience.  Andrew takes the time to tell you what he sees (the good and the bad), explain to you in layman terms what he is seeing, and, as required, will tell you what level of concern you should have, and propose a remedy(ies) to the concern.  If you are unable to accompany Andrew as he inspects, you need not be concerned as his written report is very detailed and well-written.  
The most impressive piece to us is the fact that after the inspection is done and Andrew is paid, Andrew tells you that he is available to you should you have any questions or concerns regarding the home he has inspected for you, and Andrew is true to  his word.  In our last home, we called Andrew a year after he had done the home inspection with some general inquiries, and he actually attended our home to assist us with our inquiries - at no additional charge.   How rare to find a professional like Andrew who provides this level of service and a sincere, genuine caring for his clients.   "
Pat DiSaverio

You do a great job on your blogs and videos.  Your energy is contagious.  I was searching for roof inspection safety and came across you. I am from OH.  Just wanted to say great job!   You set the bar for successful and professional inspections and your advice on setting expectations of the buyer on block homes episode just shows more of your depth of knowledge overall.  I also like the feedback on the Mike Holmes bit. Thank you for helping educate other professionals, buyers and the general public.. even down here in Ohio."
Dave Stauffer
"My husband and I recently used Andrew Christie of Safe Homes Canada to do our home inspection in Wasaga Beach. 

Even though Andrew was recommended to us from our realtor he made it very clear that he was working for us, and he definitely displayed this. 

Andrew took his time and went over things that my husband and I would have never even thought of. He was very thorough and paid attention to even the smallest of details. 

Andrew did find some things that need attention in the house. Instead of being surprised by these defects after we move in, we are now aware of the repairs that need to be done beforehand and can do them as soon as we move in. 

We are confident in Andrew’s capabilities and know that we will not be surprised by unexpected repairs after we take residence. 

Andrew was personable and informative and showed both my husband and I any issues in the house. He is not an inspector that quickly goes over the house, he will take his time and do the inspection properly. In the three house purchases that my husband and I have made we have never seen a home inspector spend so much time and be so thorough. 

We can in all confidence recommend Andrew to anyone looking for a home inspector. "
Jennifer Hawke