Home Inspection Reports

Itís not a clipboard job!! We go beyond checklists and cryptic codes to tell you the full story about each inspected home.

Prospective clients phone us every day to check pricing for performing their home inspection. Of course we give approximate pricing over the phone, but itís sometimes difficult to convey our level of dedication to doing the most thorough job possible.

Itís difficult to communicate over the phone that every single one of our inspections is carried out by a civil engineering or architectural technology graduate who is also a registered home inspector.

Itís also difficult to convey over the phone just how detailed and easy-to-read our home inspection reports are. We do not believe in check marks. Anyone can check off boxes on a report checklist that was created by someone else. All of our reports are custom-typed, right on site or nearby, so buyers receive a report right away that includes a comprehensive assessment of every part of the house, and clear identification of all observable problems and deficiencies.

Of course, our customers receive a reference binder as well, but itís our unique plain-language reports that provide the key information specific to your home. We feel this is important because what good is an inspection report if you canít understand what it says?

So when pricing your home inspection, please be sure to compare Ďapples to applesí. We take great pride in producing what we feel are the most comprehensive reports in the industry, and theyíre written by the most educated inspectors in the industry.