Safe Homes Canada Inspects Homes in Toronto and the GTA

The most thorough home inspectors in Ontario are now taking the very best care of buyers in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area!

In this CBC video, Andrew Christie explains the Safe Homes Canada process as he inspects a “Century Home” (a home that is 100 years old or older).

Safe Homes Canada, a civil engineering-based home and building inspection company serving Central and Southern Ontario has extended its service area to the GTA.

Going beyond the inspection industry’s usual “visual inspections”, home buyers can depend on Safe Homes Canada to examine, poke and prod every single piece of their home or building.

“Safe Homes Canada makes no assumptions, unlike many home inspection companies,” explains Andrew Christie, a Civil Engineering Technologist, Registered Home Inspector and founder of Safe Homes Canada.

“We place a ladder at all wood windows and carefully check for moisture decay. We walk on roofs, or if that’s not possible, we at least place a ladder against every side of the home so all elements can be carefully examined. We use this process even in deepest winter, and we dig test holes in the snow to check foundations. You’ll find that many inspectors leave their ladders in their cars.”

Safe Homes Canada inspectors check everything, without rushing buyers. Their inspections include areas most inspectors do not check such as the entirety of attics and tight crawlspaces.

Dedicated, integrity-driven, and thorough; Safe Homes Canada home inspection services are now available in Toronto and the GTA!