Tarion (New Home Warranty) Inspections

If there’s a problem with your new home don’t assume you’ll find it in time to make a claim. Every single week we identify significant problems and deficiencies in newer homes that are older than two years old. Unfortunately for the homeowner, the warranty coverage has expired so the builder is not required to return to the home and correct the deficiencies.

Invariably, the defects would have been caught during a ‘warranty’ inspection, and the homeowner would have saved literally thousands of dollars.

During a Safe Homes Canada Tarion warranty inspection, we implement the same detailed process we use at century homes and other older structures. The result is an incredibly detailed inspection report that can be easily conveyed to the Tarion organization, the builder, and your real estate lawyer. We do not work for Tarion; we work for BUYERS!!!!

Our inspection reports are custom-typed, in common language, by civil engineering technology or architectural technology graduates who are also Registered Home Inspectors.

Think you don’t need a warranty inspection on your new house? Check out these actual reports from new homes we inspected in Ontario!

Don’t wait until your coverage expires! Contact us today for your Tarion New Home Warranty inspection!