Sellers Inspections and Pre-Offer Inspections

The Toronto real estate market is a war zone and that war zone is spreading to other parts of Ontario. It’s called multiple offers or ‘competitive bidding’. Because of competitive bidding, many buyers are waiving their right to a home inspection. It's like flying without a parachute and we can be your parachute, whether buying or selling.

We often accompany serious buyers to a showing before they enter a competitive (multiple) bid situations.

Thanks to our background and experience, we can assess the bones of a building quickly when necessary; we can understand the probable nature of every element of the home – including safety and insurance issues - simply based upon the age and style of the home. We also know where to look for the ‘nasty stuff’, like asbestos, in all its forms.

That ability is invaluable to buyers. We can protect you, and at the very least, eliminate surprises. We also represent sellers before they invite multiple bids. Our civil engineering technology background and reputation for thoroughness adds credibility to a process where buyers need to believe in a document that was sponsored by the seller.

Competitive bidding? No problem. We’ve got your back.