Commercial Building Inspections

Our expertise is not limited to private structures — we also offer GUARANTEED inspections for commercial properties!

Out of sight, out of mind…

Many commercial buildings suffer major damage at masonry walls when the roof perimeter is not maintained. Relatively inexpensive maintenance prevents enormous expense down the road. We inspected an apartment building in 2007 that required $50,000 in masonry and drywall repairs because of open parapets at the roof.

At Safe Homes Canada, all of our home and building inspections are performed by civil engineering technology and architectural technology graduates.

We specialize in older commerical structures, but we take the same attention to detail necessary when working in that challenging environment and apply it to our inspections of newer buildings as well.

Our commercial building inspection process has been evolving for 25 years, and results in an inspection report that identifies every dollar a prospective buyer will be required to spend on a building, immediately, over time, and proactively.

As century home specialists, we have inspected many century homes that have been converted to multi-unit residential and multi-unit mixed residential/commercial properties. By the time we finish inspecting and output our report, prospective buyers understand every dollar they will need to spend on a commercial building.

Commercial Building Inspection Testimonials

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