Guaranteed Home Inspections

When you choose Safe Homes Canada to inspect your home or building, your inspection will be fully guaranteed!

The terms are simple:
If it becomes evident that our inspector has missed something significant that should have been noted during the inspection, you will receive a full refund.

We are completely comfortable offering our customers this rock solid guarantee because we are the most thorough–and possibly the most qualified–home inspectors in the country.

As a civil engineering-based home and building inspection company, our training ground has been the belly (crawlspace) of the century home and cottage. These are areas that demand significant tenacity and comprehensive attention to detail if the structure is to be fully inspected. And we bring this same level of expertise to every type of structure we inspect.

  • " My husband and I recently used Andrew Christie of Safe Homes Canada to do our home inspection in Wasaga Beach. Even though Andrew was recommended to us from our realtor he made it very clear that he was working for us, and he definitely displayed this. Andrew took his time and went over things that my husband and I would have never even thought of. He was very thorough and paid attention to even the smallest of details. Andrew did find some things that need attention in the house. Instead of being surprised by these defects after we move in, we are now aware of the repairs that need to be done beforehand and can do them as soon as we move in. We are confident in Andrew’s capabilities and know that we will not be surprised by unexpected repairs after we take residence. Andrew was personable and informative and showed both my husband and I any issues in the house. He is not an inspector that quickly goes over the house, he will take his time and do the inspection properly. In the three house purchases that my husband and I have made we have never seen a home inspector spend so much time and be so thorough. We can in all confidence recommend Andrew to anyone looking for a home inspector. "

    5 Stars
    Jennifer Hawke