Multiple Offer Environment Inspections

Three Incredible New Building Inspections for the Multiple Offer Environment - Coined "Kung Fu for Realtors" by Safe Homes Canada!

Buying without conditions is a dangerous way to fly! Protection and clarity for Buyers, Sellers and Realtors before the offer and after closing!

1] The ‘Problem Solver’ or ‘Post Sale’ Inspection

After waiving their home inspection because of the Multiple Offer Environment, who does a buyer turn to when they find water entry and possible moulds in their basement after moving into their home? The contractor says it will cost $18,000 to remediate the problem! (This just happened in Richmond Hill in January of 2017.)

The buyer’s inspector says the house is ‘sinking’ and it will cost $20,000 to fix it! (This just happened in Horseshoe Valley in January of 2017.)

As an experienced civil engineering-based inspection company, we were invited to provide clarity and accuracy, to calm the argument, guide solutions and prevent litigation at both situations. The water entry/mould problem and the ‘sinking house’ problem were both assessed (by me). Actual cost to remediate water entry and mould: $1000.00; actual cost to fix the sinking house: zero dollars, as the house was not sinking.

The Multiple Offer environment is resulting in a frightening amount of arguments, disputes and litigation. The courts of Ontario may be filled by the end of 2017. Safe Homes Canada are helping Realtors, Buyers and Sellers avoid litigation and save thousands in unnecessary repair costs.

The cost for these ‘Problem Solver/Post Sale/PS’ reports is minimal: they start at $250.00.

2] The Pre-Listing or Seller’s Inspection

Pre-listing inspections tell potential buyers every key detail about the home, including all pending costs, thereby eliminating any culpability from the seller. This kind of inspection prevents arguments and litigation after closing. Having an experienced, civil engineering technology-based inspector who can write clear, powerful, solution-inclusive reports is key. The civil engineering technology background lends credibility for potential buyers.

3] Showing Inspections

When a home inspection condition is impractical or impossible, a quarter of a century of experience enables us to assess all key elements during a showing (within an hour) at most houses. For a minimal fee starting at $150.00 (KEEPING THE COST DOWN FOR OUR REALTORS’ CLIENTS IN CASE THE BID IS UNSUCCESSFUL). This kind of inspection results in ‘open eyes’ for the buying team, and includes foundations, shingle life, mould, asbestos, water entry, windows and more.