Choosing a Qualified Home Inspector

When choosing a home inspector, it’s difficult to get a sense for how thorough they will actually be on site. For example, in the home inspection industry today, it appears as though many of the companies are nowexcluding entry into attic spaces. The truth is, most inspectors do not fully enter and inspect attic spaces, and most do not climb a ladder to the roof during winter.

They say the reason for this relates to the possibility of falling through the ceiling, or causing damage at the underside of ceiling joist or truss chord fasteners. We do not agree. After literally thousands of inspections, we have fallen through only one ceiling assembly, and that was because the homeowner removed the support from under the joist beside the attic access. Excluding that one very painful experience, our record indicates thousands of attics traveled through with zero damage!

The real reason other home inspectors refuse to perform such a thorough inspection is less about safety and more about comfort. Anyone who knows what a ‘crawlspace’ is knows they are sometimes nasty, spider-filled places. But that’s exactly what a thorough home inspection is all about. Through the years we’ve seen it all but we don’t shy away from the dirty jobs.

Unless it is necessary to literally ‘swim’ through the insulation, we will investigate the entire attic. If it is possible to kneel and crawl over the ceiling joists or truss members, we will do so.

Peeking one’s head inside the crawlspace and sniffing the air does not constitute a thorough inspection. Sometimes wood members are darkened and moldy-looking, but they are found – when prodded with a knife – to be sound and stable. Other times, the joists (for example) may look quite clean and stable, but when prodded, they fall apart like sponge toffee.

A ‘visual’ inspection is not practical at crawlspaces and old house basements. The structural members require a hands-on, prodding-type investigation.

Every Safe Homes Canada inspection includes a comprehensive investigation at every single structural element. We guarantee it!

When paying a home inspector, or any service provider, hard-earned money to do a job, the job has to be carried out with enthusiasm and a commitment to doing the most through job possible. That’s what we do, and it’s why we feel we’re the best in Ontario.