An Important Note Regarding Toronto-Area Home Inspections

A real estate sales rep associate of ours recently attended a sales convention in Toronto. Real estate sales reps from all over Ontario were in attendance.

He laughed as he told us about a conversation he had with a successful Toronto area sales rep. The lady told him if a home inspector takes more than an hour inspecting a home, she will find a new home inspector.

After many thousands of home and building inspections throughout Ontario and the GTA, we feel strongly that the average home requires a solid two, to two-and-a-half hours on-site. That’s a minimum, and that includes typing a detailed inspection report off-site, so we can set the sales rep free to do other business as soon as possible. Larger, older and unique structures take longer. Some century homes or larger homes take all day. Some buyers want to talk a great deal, which extends the inspection; we feel that’s their right. It’s their dime.

At Safe Homes Canada, we develop relationships with real estate sales reps who are committed to their clients, 100%. Promoting a shortened home inspection is an approach that does not serve the client. It is impossible for a home inspector to carry out a thorough inspection in one hour or ninety minutes.

As a buyer, if your home inspector is on-site for only an hour or ninety minutes (unless it’s a small, new town home or link home), we suggest you ask them to return to the home and fully inspect everything.

Checking wood around second floor windows using a ladder, moving a ladder around a roof in an attempt to examine all elements, even in winter, crawling through an attic, unless it is super-tight… these are the things a home inspector should be doing, in our opinion.

While the above-noted sales rep may sell houses “like hotcakes”, she will not have buyers for life. Her clients will have unexpected problems with their homes.

Fortunately, buyers are free to choose a real estate sales rep who is committed to providing excellent service and referrals, and they can choose a home inspection company that is committed to thoroughness, and committed to their buyers.