Mould is not scary!!!!

For REALTORS®, the starting point for not having unnecessary mould problems – and preventing over-reaction to minor moulds – involves inviting a civil engineering-based inspector who executes a thorough, sensible process. That process includes the identification of all moisture sources that could cause mould AND the simple, normally-inexpensive solutions to eliminate the moisture and deal with the moulds.

When a buyer sees a confident inspector execute a thorough process, they are put at ease.

Causes and solutions are spelled out clearly in the inspection report.

Of course it is appropriate for realtors to demand absolute accuracy from a home inspector.

The inspector must provide simple solutions to every problem relating to structure, building envelope and moisture dynamics during the inspection. That is the job of a home inspector!”

Andrew Christie, CET (civil engineering), RHI
President, Safe Homes Canada Home Inspection
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