Brandon Schmidt

Integrity-Driven Realtors

You get to see what people are really like in times of challenge. Home inspections often reveal significant, unexpected costs relating to work required at the subject property. Some realtors kind of ignore the information relating to significant issues identified during a home inspection. They are ready to move along with the deal, without any discussion relating to the key issues.

Excellent realtors – those who are committed to their clients - will initiate a discussion about costs, and the possibility of getting a little help from the seller to cover major items. The discussion is partly a function of the perceived value of the home relative to the agreed-to price, whether it is a Power of Sale and other details.

But the realtor should at least have the discussion, in my opinion. I have seen Brandon repeatedly show complete dedication to his clients. Hi fights for the client even when the client is not aware they should be fighting for something; it’s a very, very impressive approach. He is strong and sharp and does not ‘miss a trick’. And he is a really good guy.

I am pleased to recommend Brandon to the most discriminating buyers and sellers.

Andrew Christie

112 Caplan
Barrie, Ontario, L4N 9J2