Andres Paara and Karen Willison

I have worked with this dynamic team – both together and apart – for well over a decade.

I heard that Andres recently referred a listing to a fellow sales rep because it was in Wasaga Beach. Their business is based west of Collingwood, and centred in vibrant Thornbury. Many realtors will list in various towns, and while they can still do a great job, referring a listing in a nearby town to a realtor who specializes in that area shows a dedication to integrity. He wants (and wanted) his clients to maximize local expertise every step of the way, and maximize their net gain in the buying and selling process. Andres is a good man, and I think he is a great realtor.

Karen and Andres are both excellent communicators, and have an enormous amount of realty experience; they are seasoned veterans.

Karen injects a unique energy and colour to the job. You just can’t help but jump aboard her wave of positive energy (while we remain un-biased in the inspection process, of course).

Here is a big thank you to Andres and Karen for allowing me to reveal the secrets of history at old buildings over the years. There are no slam dunks at century home inspections; they represent more work for the home inspector….and for the realtors!!!

Andrew Christie

330 First Street (Hwy 26)
Collingwood, Ontario, L9Y 1B4