What is different about Safe Homes Canada?

In a word, ‘thoroughness’.

In an industry where many inspectors – perhaps most inspectors – are not thorough enough, Safe Homes Canada are leading the way by never compromising,

We inspect every element of every home thoroughly, one piece at a time, and our thoroughness is provable. For more than a quarter century we have taken a half day to inspect the average home. Century homes normally require a full day, including typing custom, detailed, photo-driven reports.

We dig test holes at snow-covered foundations to assess them.

We brush and scrape snow off the roof all the way through winter. One can always see some of the shingles, flashings and other higher-up elements by making the effort. Too many inspectors make excuses. Too many inspectors are in a big hurry to get three or four inspections done per day, which is absolutely unacceptable.

We have been crawling through spider-filled crawlspaces and bat and bee-filled attic spaces for more than a quarter-century, poking and prodding wood for moisture decay and finding all the things that most inspectors miss.

In addition to being thorough, Safe Homes Canada are a civil engineering technology-based company. Creator Andrew Christie graduated with high honours from Seneca College’s 3 year Civil Engineering Technology program in 1988, specializing in Buildings and Structures.

Every Safe Homes Canada inspector has a similar background, which puts us in a perfect position to take the time necessary to provide an incredible building sciences education for our clients at every inspection.

Ontario home buyers have a right to expect and demand thorough, excellent service. We are committed to integrity, and to taking the very best care of our clients.